The recipient of a BFA from Tel Aviv University and advanced degree in printmaking from Pratt Institute NYC, Chana Messer has been a fine artist for over 30 years, and mastering, teaching, and lecturing at the university level in the fields of Fine Art, Oils & Acrylics on canvas, Paper Making and Digital Imaging.  Pursuing her interest in an emerging new field, Chana completed an advanced degree in Computer Graphics in 1986, and has remained ever since at the cutting edge of electronic digital design.  Chana has exhibited her work in New York, Chicago, Miami and across the US, South America, and Israel.  She continues to lecture about fine art and participate in art events & juried shows.
"As I am also a digital artist, the natural media gives me another outlet for my artistic impulses....and informs my electronic work as well.   I love to paint in my studio early in the morning before going to teach a Photoshop or Illustrator class.   I feel that working at the studio and still connecting to natural media makes me a better digital artist and a better teacher.   I can transfer my artistic ability to my students at a more
 significant level."

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